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Friday, 2 November 2012

Jan Molby column: Liverpool FC manager Brendan Rodgers got it spot on - the best team won

BRENDAN RODGERS summed it up when he said “the best team won” on Wednesday night. Liverpool FC had a lot of the ball early on but did not do a great deal with it. Swansea, on the other hand, were really smooth and picked off Liverpool at will. Rodgers was rightly complimentary about the Swans after the game and he was certain to have been impressed with the speed with which they broke, as well as the calmness and awareness they showed when creating the last two goals. I also agree with the manager’s assessment that we were too slow and while Swansea played at a Premier League tempo whereas Liverpool played it at very much a League Cup pace. Of course, the nine changes made from Sunday’s derby game did not help, but we just never got going. We are told that you need at least a squad of 20 quality players to be able to fight on all fronts over the course of a season. If that is the case, then Liverpool are short. Wednesday night’s defeat to Swansea City in the League Cup was a sobering reminder of the frailties of the squad at Rodgers’ disposal. Although the Reds defeated West Bromwich Albion in the previous round with a changed side, a number of the youngsters who played at The Hawthorns that night are now in the first team. Those same players were rested in midweek with Rodgers reintroducing some more ‘senior’ players and giving them the chance to re-establish themselves. But for many of them, it didn’t come off. Myself and Roy Evans were doing punditry work and one of the big things we talked about was a lack of variation in Liverpool’s play. Swansea were far better on this front and once they had got the hang of how we were playing, it was comfortable for them. Font

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