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Friday, 26 April 2013

Liverpool FC boss Brendan Rodgers says FA bite ban on Luis Suarez is on 'man, not incident'

*James Pearce: No sympathy for Luis Suarez over bite - but the FA must get its house in order too BRENDAN RODGERS has hit out at the decision to hand Liverpool FC striker Luis Suarez a 10-game ban for biting Branislav Ivanovic. The Liverpool manager has criticised the process which has led to the decision by the Football Association’s independent regulatory commission. Rodgers revealed that Liverpool have yet to receive the written reasons for the judgement and haven't decided if the club will appeal against the severity of the suspension. But the Reds boss did say the club have been shocked by the outcome and Rodgers does not believe the punishment fits the crime. “We are very shocked and bitterly disappointed,” he said. “The severity of the ban is what has hurt most. "Luis has genuinely tried to curb and change his natural instincts. This year he has done that brilliantly. The punishment is on the man, not the incident. “There were two incidents of this type of scenario in 2006. One player (Jermain Defoe) received no ban and continued to be picked by the FA for the England squad. “The second player received a five game ban then Luis receives a 10 game ban. That is very difficult for us and Luis to understand. “This is a guy who has tried to curb his behaviour. Growing up, his mentality has always been about winning. “The punishment is on the man, not the incident. That’s my underlying feeling. “It was violent conduct, the football club admitted it, Luis admitted it, and he needed to be punished. But we’ve got a punishment with no intention towards the rehabilitation of the player. The player needs a little bit of help. That is something we will look to provide here. “It is something I would expect any business to do. "The biggest objective is to make sure that this doesn't happen again. "He's not let me down one bit. Read more: Liverpool Echo

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